Dr. Eveline Markowicz

Dr. Eveline Markowicz

Obstetrics Gynecologist / Menopause
Gynecological Surgery

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Please contact the call center first at 0487 781 007.

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The first prenatal visit requires a longer consultation time. Please contact the call center first at 0487 781 007.

  • The day of your appointment, please keep your phone close. Babies do not always choose to be born outside of office hours.
  • Childbirth and surgical procedures are performed at Chirec-Delta: maternité.cavell@chirec.be
  • In case of an emergency, do not hesitate to go to the hospital Chirec-Delta 2nd floor 201 boulevard du Triomphe Auderghem. They will contact me.
  • During your pregnancy, for any urgent matters call 02 434 82 73, or go to Chirec-Delta on the 2nd floor (24/24h) where an attendant will greet you and keep me informed of the situation.
  • For more information about menopause, please check Belgian Menopause Society: http://menopausesociety.be


Avenue Winston Churchill 28/1
1180 Brussels


STIB Vanderkindere stop
Tram 3 / 4 / 7 / 92

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